The Life Scale™

A simple, powerful way to check-in with your heart, mind, body, and spirit

Dedicate 3-5 minutes of your week to stepping on The Life Scale™

This effective practices allows you to look at each of the four key areas of your life and identify where you are thriving and where you might need to shift your focus to. 


STEP 1: On a piece of paper draw out four boxes and label them heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

STEP 2: Take 30-60 seconds to write out what is working in your life in each of those four areas. Think: what in each of these areas of my life is making me happy? For instance, you may reflect on the how grateful you are for getting in daily walks and moving your body. 

STEP 3: Take another 30-60 seconds to write out what is NOT working in your life in each of those four areas. Think: what is missing? For instance, you might not be thinking you need to spend more time with friends after a busy season at work. 

STEP 4: Pick ONE thing from your ‘not working / missing’ list to focus on for the month. 

STEP 5: Reflect and repeat!


Empty heart quadrant? Schedule in a date night or commit to a family dinner.

Mind quadrant unfulfilled? Check-in with your work relationships and prioritize resolving the conflict.

Gap in your body quadrant? Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night for the next month. 

Depleted in the spirit quadrant? Sit quietly for 5 minutes every day and just breathe. 


To learn more about The Life Scale™ watch this short video

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