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Whether it’s a one-hour keynote or a four-hour workshop, Mindy Mackenzie instantly wins over an audience. Mindy’s entertaining, authentic, and straightforward style cuts through the noise of typical leadership advice and makes her a highly sought-after speaker for corporate events and conferences. Undaunted by the proverbial elephant in the room, Mindy has a knack for getting at the heart of what her audience really wants to know. Drawing on her 25+ years of experience working as a senior leader in large corporations, Mindy provides practical, immediately actionable advice that helps professionals uncover new ways to approach challenges and drive performance.

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What an incredible session you hosted this morning. I have never done anything like it, and I found it so helpful.”
Thank you so much for speaking at ManTech’s International Women’s Day event. Your discussion about the Life Scale and all the associated activities was inspiring and truly helpful.”
“Thank you for introducing Mindy and forcing us to slow down and better our self and engagement with work family and actual family.”
It is not always an easy job to connect to a corporate audience – but Mindy has the perfect blend of wit and charisma to do just that. Super pleased and thank you!”

Thriving Leadership – Powered by the Life Scale™

Executives and senior business leaders are finely-tuned performance machines—much like a Ferrari. In this thought-provoking and inspiring session, Mindy challenges audience members to a “tune up.” Anchored in timeless principles and up-to-the-minute research, Mindy Mackenzie shares easily-actionable practices that significantly improve professional performance and personal fulfillment. Additionally, she introduces the important concept of the LIFE SCALE™ to manage your own energy. Executives will leave this session with clarity on how to calibrate and tweak their own lives to maintain the high performance their senior leadership roles require.

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