Community. Co-creation. Collaboration. All potent concepts. All opportunities for all of us to live and work together in greater harmony and joy.

These concepts have been reinforced for me lately as I reflect on the 10-year anniversary of clean beauty brand Beautycounter. This past month in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to celebrate with the consultants (who educate, advocate and sell the products), the leadership team (who innovates and creates the good-for-you products and good-for-the-planet packaging), and the visionary founder and clean beauty pioneer Gregg Renfrew (who started the company with a mission that included advocating for better legislation and ended up starting a movement). What was most inspiring to me was the absolute power of the community – this fabulous tribe of mostly women – all dedicated to make a difference together. They have done so for ten years and are committed to accomplishing even more in the next ten years.

I witnessed that same ethos of community today as I met with over 100 women members of an employee resource group in honor of International Women’s Day at a professional services firm. Our time together centered on the core message of how to thrive in an ever changing, unpredictable world. Using the integrated body-mind-heart-spirit framework of the Life Scale™, we spent time in each quadrant highlighting practical methods to support more well-being and overall joy and fulfillment. And in the heart quadrant we spent time on the power of community.

Consciously cultivating community is key and one of the ways you can do that is to have a ‘pit crew’. A personal pit crew is comprised of individuals who see you wholly and love you (both your light and shadow side) and are genuine truth tellers that you lean in to hear. They are both a ‘soft place to land’ and can provide clarity and perspective that you respect and can digest.  A pit crew is an essential part of your broader tribe or community, and worth investing time and energy in maintaining and refreshing over time. 

Humans are social creatures. We thrive in community. Even when our idiosyncrasies are irritating. My 74-year-old mother was visiting recently and regaling me with tales of the book club she participates in. Yes, there are members that talk too much. Yes, there are members who choose boring books. Yes, there are members who seem oblivious to the experiences of other members. But even with all that ‘irritation’, she loves the community. The ritual of coming together. The opportunity to be with other women, supporting each other through the choppy water of life (births, deaths, gains, losses). That book club is an anchor of constancy and love. A precious safe harbor. A true community.

Collectively we can’t move toward co-creation and genuine, joy-filled collaboration without learning how to be in community with one another. How to live and work in a way that promotes harmony and allows everyone to be fully seen for who they are. This month, take a moment to reflect on the communities you are a part of.

Do you have a tribe? Or have you habituated to being terminally isolated and lonely?

Do you have a pit crew that supports you personally and professionally? If you do, are you spending enough time nourishing those relationships?

If you don’t, now is the time to begin to identify people you admire and respect and reach out. Begin to create a new community.

Growth and change are a constant. Each of us are in a continual state of evolution and growth (whether it is obvious to others or not). That growth and evolution feels so much more fun in community. Find your tribe. Make time for your relationships. Don’t go it alone.

Remember the power of community.